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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Download Lokal Youtube

Bwat yang suka streaming di youtube and nemuin vid yang pengen di simpen

video clip or etc etc, kalo download dari keepvid kan suka lemot hehe

kita bisa download dari server indowebster, linknya di bawah ini nih

nah, kalo udah masuk, tinggal masukin link youtubenya, contoh :

nah di paste di kolom textnya,
kalo udah klik kanan di MP4 trus save link as, kelar d~

Monday, October 6, 2008

T-Shirt Maniacs


For you guys who lives in Indonesia and one of those T-Shirt Freaks, you could check out my friend's Ape Republic T-Shirt, here's some of the samples

The Prizes are not too expensive,  for those who are low on cash, its still reachable, i think =D

for ordering and more information, go straight to His Friendster Page

Awesome Animation of Dead Or Alive (DOA) characters fighting agaisnt Final Fantasy Characters!!, must see

OMG, lately I found these awesome animation made by some awesome animator.

Its about DOA and FF's Character fighting, i'd say this is one of the best fighting animation i've ever came across, here i'll make it easy for you to watch, check it out



see?? if you like to have those flv videos on your PC, go straight to you tube right away, here is the URL

PART 1  ->

PART 2 ->

and about how to download it, i got 2 options,

1. is by using keepvid's support, its a free web based youtube downloader, you can find it in

  "note : By using keepvid, you could choose to download the low or high quality movie ( this one is the good side ^^)  as for the bad sides, those who are currently using the local internet connection such as bla bla bla AMPM usually had a low download speed , that's me for example T__T"

2. is by using Internet download Manager Version 5.14 or newer, about where to download it i'll give you the link on the next post ^^ keep checking =P

that's all for now, enjoy :D

All about imagine and art

Hi, Hello, whatever, here i'd like to do something fun, something out of our daily activities, some options to relax and escape from daily routines, what else?? art of course, here we only talks 'bout art drawing ( for me its manga ) some photography-s (which i took from some of my friend's snap ^^ ) well thats for now, do me a favor, keep contact and keep checking, i'll be sure to update news and things here such as drawing tutorial ( even though i'm not really good at it >.< ) 

thats all for now, keep in touch guys and cyaaa~ and go green ^0^